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KDE Marketing Meetings, burning news

I came back from the KDE Marketing Meeting yesterday, the first KDE meeting I ever was at. It was very interesting and burning with a mix of idealism, great ideas and professional work.

I won't go into great depth about the contents here, 'cause at this time I first want to review my notes (and it's far too many filled DinA6 pages in my scrapbook to even skim them in the blink of time I have just now...)

The reason why I post here and now is, that it is now burning with another sensation for me, and that this makes a nice intro for posting a recent song of mine, 'cause I am sick again, and I do know the reason. And it isn't the people, nor the content of the discussion.

But do read on. No use in telling you everything too early :)

Price of freedom

You hurt me,
I need you,

You cut me,
I want you,

for you're the tech
that makes my life go 'round


It was a bunch of years ago,
my Eyes where better then,
I had my Mac on every day,
it was my private den,

But time did slip by fast and sly,
I needed something new,
An iBook was the way to go,
at least I got that cue.


I used it every day in school,
wrote straight out for the web,
But all tat fun had ended soon,
now pain is what I get.

For leaving just one month in time,
my hands began to hurt,
The rest of me soon followed suit,
so much for being nerd.


Today I hound the web behind
two solid plates of steel,
A notebook breaks my health quite fast
and makes my pain go reel.

That's why I am a crippled nerd,
but need tech still quite much,
I cannot use a notebook or
unshielded tech and such.

But shielding is now possible,
free software is the price,
For which I gladly take some pain,
it frees my heart and eyes.

Tags: electrosensitivity, free software, kde, songs, spreadkde

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