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What happens if a mad scientist tries to take over the world using free software under the GPLv3

A mad scientist uses sharks with lasers on their heads, using free software licensed under the GPLv3.

What happens?

James Bond captures one of the sharks and writes a letter to the Mad Scientist to send him the SourceCode *at once*, because he acquired one of his sharks in a legal transaction (captured it for the Queen). If the Mad Scientist refuses, James Bond sues him on Copyright infringement. If the Mad Scientist agrees and sends James Bond the Sourcecode, James Bond modifies the Software with the help of teh free software community for the Crown of England, the Queen and free Software production, and starts an epic battle, sending penguins with lasers on their wings against the Mad Scientist.

And he'll have two lasers per penguin, so beware oh evil scientist, your software has been improved! ;)

Naturally the battle will not be over, as the Mad $cientist modifies the software again to use pidgeons with lasers over their eyes, and while James Bond and the Free Software Community think of a viable counter, the second most important battle in software ensues, which ist just a tiny bit less important than fight for the fall of the mighty evil empire of restricted computing in which James Bond will have to choose a side later on.

Will he choose correctly, or will he perish while betraying his comrades in software combat?


Do you have other ideas, what could happen?
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