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Thursday, March 6th, 2008

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Creatures of the Night, Dervish and many more - I just fell in love with Tom Smith
I downloaded the _free_ stuff from Tom Smith about last week, and since then he fills my ears and my mind.

I won't go on too long about how great they are.

Instead I'll just say: Listen in yourselves!

These are the ones which gripped me the strongest:

- Creatures of the Night: http://www.tomsmithonline.com/freestuff/oddio/creatures.mp3
- Blue Screen of Death: http://www.tomsmithonline.com/freestuff/oddio/iT002_128.mp3
- Destroyer of Worlds: http://www.tomsmithonline.com/freestuff/oddio/iT007_128.mp3
- (Don't gonna be a) Big Star: http://www.tomsmithonline.com/freestuff/oddio/iT052_128.mp3

And last and best one (imho):
- Dervish: http://www.tomsmithonline.com/freestuff/oddio/iT030_128.mp3

Just let yourselves be dragged in and experience them as I do...

Here you'll find some of the stuff: http://www.tomsmithonline.com/freestuff.htm

Some other stuff must be found by hand. Hint: He doesn't ward his server folders.

Best wishes,
Arne aka Draketo

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