October 19th, 2007


Leslie Fish is great!

I got the OK from Leslie Fish to filk her Music from Finitiy's End - along with her original cords!

Even greater is how she gave it, when she was asked by Alan Thiesen:

> >> The German filker Draketo (aka Arne Babenhauserheide) wishes permission to use Leslie's melody to "Finity's End" for an inspiring parody he has written that could be an anthem of the free software movement.
> Fine with me! I'm all for the free software movement -- and anything else that keeps the Internet free.

> >> - the song with her chors added - ... for Infinite Hands are we.
> Go for it! ...And good luck.

She's great!
*happily dancing on the chair*

As soon as I have the recording from Ingolf, the song will go online, along with a revised version with great improvements from Alan.