Arne Babenhauserheide (arnebab) wrote,
Arne Babenhauserheide

FilkCONtinental: Videos

It's been a week now since FilkCONtinental ended, and con-is-over-blues was strange this year. I enjoyed being back home with my love, but at the same time I had the feeling of leaving home when I left FilkCONtinental.

I really enjoyed being there with all of you, and listening to my recordings now brings back the memories of a home I can find only once a year.

But a part of that home is with me, while I listen to my recordings as my computer pulls them from my camera, and a part of the blues and the warm and fuzzy feeling of FilkCONtinental comes again.

The next con will come, and I will be home again with you.

- Draketo
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Any of the videos in avi format yet? *curious*
Not in avi, but in ogg theora :)

I converted all of them (and one GiB of raw dv data compressed down to 50MiB - the long parts where the video is black (camera only working as sound recorder) even down to 10MiB).

All together my 2 miniDVs are 1.3 GiB, now, so I could burn them to DVD.
They are uncut, though.

Files break at (previously) 1GB, and songs are cut in the middle (even an "mplayer *" has a short delay of a fraction of a second before opening the next file, so you can hear it skip).
Ah, cool! And can I have such a DVD?
Sure :)

Can you send me your Post-Address via Mail again for that?
Sounds great!